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CERN Programme for Physics High School Teachers

The programme consists of a 3-week stage, taking place every year since 1998 at CERN during the month of July. The stage is open to Physics High School Teachers from all CERN member and observer States, as well as from other countries subject to funding availability.

Goals of the High School teachers' programme:

The work produced during the stage is documented and collected by the participants in a Web site: Please consult this document for more details on the programme, and for a good collection of materials to be used in the class-room.

Who can attend?

All high school teachers from the CERN member states can apply to participate in the programme. Some funds may be available to support teachers from non-member states as well. We require the applicants to possess the following profile:

Preference in the selection will go to teachers who have a proven experience of extra-curricular activities, such as: No a-priori knowledge of or experience with high-energy physics is required.

The year 2005 Programme:

The programme will take place at CERN in the period

July 3rd (arrival date) - July 23rd (departure date)

Deadline for applications 31st March

The details of the programme will be announced at a later time. The programme of the previous (2004) edition can be found from

Financial support:

Financial support will be provided to participants who should need it.
The support will cover up to 1,900 CHF for living expenses, and up to 500 CHF for travel costs.

HST2005 Application Instructions:

The application procedure consists of registering yourself with the CERN e-Recruitment system followed by a 2 part process in which you are asked to supply Personal Details, answer some HST2005 specific questions and include your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Please carefully read the instructions that are provided at each stage of the process.

When you are ready to enter your application please follow the application link below. Please remember to keep a note of your login id and password when you register. You use these whenever you want to access the system.

We look forward to receiving your application - follow this link to apply for HST2005.

Please note that we are very interested to receive your comments and feedback and if you have difficulties please do not hesitate to ask for help.

For further information and help, please contact:

Mick Storr,
Human Resources Department, CERN, Switzerland
tel: ++41-22-767 8264
fax: ++41-22-767 3950