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Archived Bubble Chamber Teaching Materials developed by HST participants

Under the direction of Gron Tudor Jones, University of Birmingham (UK)

Compiled by Karl Sarnow, Gymnasium Isernhagen (Germany)
ReCompiled byVlado Grejtak (Slovakia)

Follow this link to access the latest release of the Bubble Chamber Web Site which contains a tutorial for teachers on bubble chambers, including three practice exercises (with answers), a photo gallery, and lesson ideas.

Bubble Chambers (by HOLMES Alison (UK), WAGNER Dora (Germany), GARCIA-CARPINTERO Esperanza (Spain), DE MIGUEL Leonor (Spain), WHEELER Francisca (UK), HOULT Jules (UK), COOK Joe (USA), SARNOW Karl (Germany), JOBLONSKI Leszek (Poland), JERSTAD Per (Norway), MIOZZI Silvia (Italy), BARRADAS Francisco (Spain), VIERA Miguel (Portugal), GREJTAK Vladimir (Slovakia), MARAN Marina (Italy), PEAN Alain (France), GREGORY Anne (USA), PAPADOPOULOS Anestis (Greece), BITU Marinela (Romania), BELLESI Manlio (Italy), BOZEK Agnieszka (Poland), HARKJERR Trond (Norway), HIRSH Michael (USA), KNEZOVA Zuzana (Slovakia), ULBRICHT Peter (Germany), ESCRIHUELA Francisco (Spain), LOBATO Teresa (Portugal), NORFOLK Keith (Great Britain)
PODOLSKA-STRYCHARSKA Aleksandra (Poland), SARIPANIDIS Spiridon (Greece), TSIANTOULAS Anastassios (Greece), VALTONEN Seija Marjatta (Finland)):

This site is a compilation of work produced to a great extent at the CERN High School Teachers Summer Schools of 2001 and 2002. With a time limit of three weeks it is inevitable that there may be a few loose ends, errors and omissions. Feedback would be most welcome.

One of our main aims is to show the "reality" of some of the particles, whose discoveries have played an important part in the establishment of the Standard Model of particle physics.

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CERN and High School Teachers Programme at CERN. 

Last modified: 18/2/2007

Compiled by Karl Sarnow, Gymnasium Isernhagen (Germany)
ReCompiled by Vlado Grejtak (Slovakia)